Year One – I Made it

If I had balls I surely would of busted them over the last 4 weeks. Busting ya flaps doesnt really have quite the same ring to it!!

I have been trying to complete my coursework for year 1 since like forever, was given an extension but it still took forever.

I dont do things by halves. Working full time, raising 2 kids and living with a dick head has its challenges. The work life balance thing I just cant work out cause my life is my kids (I love them more than cake!)
Did I just say that??  Those of you that know me personally would know I would wrestle any man to the ground for cake. But a mothers love for her children is ALL POWERFUL ♥ 🙂

But anyway, as I was saying, I wrote war and peace. My final assignment and 3 case studies on clients all totalling up to just under 10,000 words! I was busy printing trees Saturday morning to get the damn thing posted for my final deadline.

The post office closes at 12.30 on saturdays and at 12.00 I was still in the house aaaarrggghhhhhh.

I grabbed my purse and the parcel and yelled to the kids “Am goin da post office let me back in!!!!
So I’m running right.. And again if ya know me personally you will know I dont do running. And as I was running it dawned on me Mitz No Bra!!  FFS I hope I dont see anyone I know…. :-/
My running became a power walk as I held the huge package of trees across my runaway breasts as I dodged cars on the dual carriageway. I made it and impatiently waited my turn in the que when eeeekkkk I only sealed the package when I needed to pay the postage on the SAE inside.
I felt nauseous…
If I could of gone pale I would of done…

I must of looked close to tears as Sam took the pack from me and asked me if I was ok.. So I told him what I had done and he ever so carefully opened the envelope and was able to put the special delivery postage on both packages – all was well again.
When he said “is there anything else I can get you?”
I looked up at him and said. …  “SWEETS!”

So, its posted. Should be there Monday. Just 3-4 months to wait for it to be marked and I find out how I did. So send good vibes people. In the meantime, best crack on with all this Year 2 work.

Be good

Mitzi ♥ x


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