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For what we are about to receive …..


‘ May The Lord Make Us Truely Thankful ‘

Happy New Year Everyone x 🙂

We all becomes kids on that morning dont we, looking at all those beautifully wrapped pressies under the tree and deciding who’s going to open the batting.

Got to lunch time on christmas day and I sat admiring my lovely pressies.  Was bowled over by the perfume my daughter brought and the scales, OMG the scales, these scales not only weight but tell you the calorific value, the proteins and the carbohydrates that are in the food item you are weighing. Well chuffed! My daughter has my back when it comes to my weight loss, always there to go ‘No Mom!’ when I’m hovering over the biscuit tin!! haha grrrrrrrr.. just… one… more… custard..cream.. 😦

It was later on Christmas day when the rabble returned from the huge family gathering with the tribe that I got a few extra goodies.. got some more cool stuff, including 2 box of chocolates 🙂 and then there was this…..

Can somebody tell me what the Fuck I am suppose to do with this?? I swear my MIL is trying to drive me insane. I do not know whether to beat it with a stick or call the RSPCA for it.

This is officially my worse pressie of 2011 – and I get 1 every year but normally from my husbands geeky retired uncle!

Its a monstrosity!

I name it the ‘What the Fuck Hat!’

For what we are about to receive and its matching scarf will be headed down to the nearest charity shop shortly!!


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