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Coventina – Purification

I have no voice… Wasnt asked my opinion.. So I write.

Mitzi x


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In a bad place…

It’s been a while since I have blogged myself, but have been trying my best to keep up with what others have written.
Not been feeling it really…
Not for a long while….

Not been feeling myself at all. Work. Family life. Personal issues and the ongoing matrimonial breakdown continues.

Since the new year, this wonderful year, I have felt nothing but restraint and control.


I’m just gona ramble now.. cause that’s what I do best.

Old habits die hard..


Seek comfort in food – and not the healthy kind…

Once it starts.. I struggle to stop it.

I have in a month put on 7lb in weight, I have stopped tracking on myfitnesspal, my vitamintrain is Fucked, I am all spotty and the condition of my hair is piss poor.

Every week I plan, but never stick to it.

I lasted half a day on the 5 Day Pouch Test!!

I’m in a bad place…

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