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Year 1 Study Results – Follow Your Dreams

Its was a strange feeling. I just sat in the car looking at the envelope. I knew what was inside. I supplied the self addressed envelope and posted everything off last month. I worked hard. Got behind though trying to balance working full time and taking care of the kids. I couldnt look at it any longer.
I opened the envelope to see the results of my case studies. One eye open and the other shut I took a deep breathe and read through the frontsheet.

Case study 1 – PASS
Case study 2 – PASS
Case study 3 – PASS
Plus the 9 assignments practice hours and peer group practical.

‘I’ve only gone and bloody done it’ ūüôā

If your embarking on anything new, study,¬† move, new hobbie or interest, whatever your dream is ‘ follow it.’ With hard work and determination you can do it. I have 2 more years to complete all that I have set out to do and I’m gonna do it!!

Follow Your Dreams.

Mitzi ūüôā


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~2012 A New Awakening~

Out With The Old in With The New!

I have been thinking abut this blog for a few weeks now, didnt want to go ahead and start making resos I wouldnt be able to keep.

Before I could go ahead and look at all the changes I want to make to my life I had to ask myself  РWho am I??? 

In no particular order: a mother, a sister, a daughter, a lover, a friend, I could go on but enough with the labelling. Who am I really?? Someone who really needs to stop hiding behind other peoples shadows and start to shine for myself.

In order to do this I am going to focus on positive changes in 2012 to make my life better, and decided to break them down into 3 categories.

  1. Health
  2. Marriage & Family
  3. Education


¬†Non-compliance is my middle name, and after staying roughly the same weight for the last 6 months its time to get this sorted. My weight loss journey is surely not over so feck knows why I’m sitting back.

This year I will be getting back on board with I do so much better when I record everything I eat, drink and all the exercise I indulge in Рwhy did I stop Zumba and Aqua?? :-(. The app on my phone works really well and is great when I am at work or out and about.

I need to start wearing my pedometer again to chart steps and miles walked, that keeps me motivated. Starting the induction again, when I did this for a week in early December it really helped me cut the crap I was eating and helped me shift some weight. The MyAtkins team on Twitter were really helpful.

Really gotta get back to walking more, I do enjoy exercise Рall these things have lapsed in the run up to Christmas and I need to get motivated and work with this.

After having my kids my Roux en Y is one of the most life changing things that has  happened to me, its huge! But my behaviour and crap relationship with food particularly sugars continue to be a brick wall for me.

This is what I need to work with this year more than anything. ~ Courage.

Marriage & Family.

And breathe..

For those that dont know me personally I have been with the same guy 26 years, married 16. You may also not know that I have damn miserable for longer than I can remember. I dont love him anymore, we sleep in separate beds and we have not been intimate since 2004.  Last year I went to see a solicitor about getting a divorce Рirreconsilable differences being the main reason. My solicitor left it with me to talk to my husband to get him to meet me half way to work out something mutual to help keep the costs down. I chose my moment carefully and was greeted with the same response I have had time and time again.

He aint¬†having any of it’

He wont sell the house, he wont buy me out, he wont provide his financial statement, he says he wont be able to afford to live  HE WONT BE ABLE TO LIVE!! I decided to stop pleading, it has taken me months but I now have saved the money I need to pay the solicitor to deal with this through court. Financially this will cripple me paying all the additional solicitors fees, but I am left with no choice now. Final option.

My  children are my world and this process will not be easy on them but I will do my hardest to protect them through all of this.

At the begining of this blog I told you I have been asking myself the question ‘Who Am I’. To be 100% honest with you – I have absolutely NO IDEA!!

I dont think I will until all this pressure has been lifted ~ Strength.


In April 2011 I returned back to work to begin a job I was shifted into after my previous post was deleted amongst the craziness that is the NHS restructure.

I hate this job. I didnt choose to do it, I was shifted into it. Things have got better, but its not where I really want to be.

In May 2011 I was successful at interview and got a place on a 3 year¬†Pyscotherapy Course. I am really enjoying it, but I am so struggling with the work life balance issues. I work full time, I have 2 kids and I have all the personal home and work issues going on. My Master Plan – a career change in 3 years. But I really need to raise my game if I am going to make this a reality and I am finding it tough going…

I have spoken to my Tutor, he knows the score, and has given me extra time with my late assignments.. I hope this will be enough ~ Self belief and confidence.

So where to start?

Sarting with the health tip from Monday 2nd January!

Will get back on the assignments this week!

This is the one I am dreading, but hanging on until next payday to secure extra funds then will be instructing my solicitor to start proceedings!!

Ultimately I have until this time next year to reflect back and put 2012 as a huge

Mitzi x x


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The Man Diet!

Talk about unrealistic.
I don’t think this has been SMART assessed, do you???? Hahaa ūüôā

How many of us set goals on a daily basis, or at regular key points in our lives?

Before I started my weight loss journey I did not predict a target weight.

I just wanted to get rid of the excess wobble and some.

But now 90lb down and with ‘Onederland‘ within my reach, I think I need to set a target.

So..¬†here it goes…


Specific – I don’t wanna be too specific about this to be honest! That’s where paranoia sets in and I’m already on crazy pills so don’t need anymore pressure!

Measurable – I do love my scales but thanks to the wise words of one of my Tweeps RNYgirl I am trying to look more at my NSG’s to save on the weekly disappointments…
The¬†25th October 2011 was my¬†1st¬†anniversary… I jumped on the scales and a huge black cloud hovered over me…

I felt a failure… ūüė¶

Why wasnt I like everyone else? I wanted to¬†lose¬†a hell of a lot more….
After a week of sulking and hiding away I chatted with my support networks on Twitter and also had my review with my Bariatric Surgeon who reassured me that everything was ok.
The body plateaus then kick starts again but the lifestyle and combined behaviour changes need to continue to maintain the weightloss.

Achievable – At 3 months post op I set myself a ‘guesstamate‘ target to weigh 140lb by June 2012.
I had no idea what that would look like, but I’m hoping to check it out in time!

Realistic – I am now 204lb, so I have a lot of work to do. But do you know what? There’s no pressure. I am cool with where I am. Just need to tip the balance away from the plus size range a bit more so I can comfortable fit into some funky stuff cause I am and will always be a Fashionista

Timely – I have learnt that I am not going to get obsessed about this. The benefits are evident. I feel great in comparison to where I was 18 months ago and that means the world to me.

So I tried The Man Diet – (not by choice I hasten to add, I’m on rashions LOL)

I’m still stuck in that stall …
Time to get back to ditching the carbs… it worked a few weeks ago.

Huge thanks to the #Atkins Crew ūüôā x

Question for you all

Pre or post weight loss surgery – do you set yourself goals?
Mitzi x,


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