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My only reason

The stares
The glares
The tense atmosphere
The silence
The attitude
The ignorance
The anger
The calm before the storm
The shouting!!

In contrast.

The smiles
The warmth
Happy eyes looking up at me
The innocence
The hugs
The kisses
I missed you
Love you mum

My kids… my only reason

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Emotional Abuse in a marriage!

So this happens every time I am going away. I am going away on business with work from tomorrow morning until Friday.
He has known about this since June of this year when I received confirmation.

He confirmed he was off work 2 months ago, it is also on the calendar in the kitchen. I do the same conference every year, same time of year, its been an annual event for the last 6 years.

Tonight after dinner I reminded him I was away just to raise the conversation.

Since when??
Who you going there with???
Why are you going???
Where are you staying???

He asks the same questions to catch me out!

Then he starts be-littling my job role and generally continued to be negative about the whole point of the trip!!

I got up and left the room…..

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