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Year 1 Study Results – Follow Your Dreams

Its was a strange feeling. I just sat in the car looking at the envelope. I knew what was inside. I supplied the self addressed envelope and posted everything off last month. I worked hard. Got behind though trying to balance working full time and taking care of the kids. I couldnt look at it any longer.
I opened the envelope to see the results of my case studies. One eye open and the other shut I took a deep breathe and read through the frontsheet.

Case study 1 – PASS
Case study 2 – PASS
Case study 3 – PASS
Plus the 9 assignments practice hours and peer group practical.

‘I’ve only gone and bloody done it’ 🙂

If your embarking on anything new, study,  move, new hobbie or interest, whatever your dream is ‘ follow it.’ With hard work and determination you can do it. I have 2 more years to complete all that I have set out to do and I’m gonna do it!!

Follow Your Dreams.

Mitzi 🙂


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