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21 Months Post-Op/Weight Loss Surgery.

Friday 10th August

It has been 8 months since my last review so I was looking forward to this one.
The Nurse showed me in to see one of the Bariatric Consultants who warmly greeted me with ‘Hello, I havent seen you for ages!’ The reality was; I have never seen him before in my life, but I have heard his name mentioned a few times. I didnt ruin it for him, just went along with it lol.


(Main reception at Walsall Manor Hospital)

He was reading through my notes as he asked me how things were going. After a lengthy discussion the areas of concerns were:
1. I have gained 14lb in 6 months
2. I am eating alot of the wrong foods
3. My blood results show anaemia that needs to be treated and raised liver function tests due to my gall stones.

The day I checked in at the pre op Weight Management Clinic I was 23 stone. I was given the target to gradually reduce my weight whilst I waited for my surgery date. I was on the waiting list for over a year, during that time I maintained my quartely reviews, saw the pyschiatric consultant, who confirmed I was NOT mad (LOL), the anaethetist and encouraged to eat healthily by the Dietician to continue to lose the weight.
I was fortunate.

14 months later my big day had arrived.

Day of surgery:  25th October 2010 – Weight 137kg/21st8lb/302lb

Today:  10th August 2012 – Weight 96kg/15st1lb/211.6lb

Although he was happy with my initial loss he was not happy with my recent regain… We had some discussions around ways of working with my grazing, emotional eating and head hunger. He wanted to know what personal issues have caused my recent stress and anxieties but I chose not to discuss them as my daughter was with me…
I have tried everything. Nothing works, I know its down to me. He prescribed Celevac 500mg. I have to take a tablet with a glass of water at least 30 minutes before each meal, it is meant to bulk me out so I eat less. He said there isnt much research behind its use but it has worked for some post op gastric bypassers. I am willing to try anything, so I have a 3 month script.

My bloods were not repeated today but he felt I would need to be booked to have my gall bladder removed soon if my bloods remain unstable or if I get an acute episode of epigastric pain :-(.

He has given me the target to lose at least 14lb in 3 months, so when I go back in November I should be a stone lighter. I never did get to Onederland. But now the Bariatric Surgeon has set me this target. I have to achieve it. I have to get rid of the regain and some.

My BMI is still high so I do have to keep working on this. I dare not mention plastics until I can prove to myself I am worthy. But now with this gall stones issue looming…..

My weight loss surgery journey continues and boy what a ride.

Mitzi x


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Tuesday 6th August 2012

Walking through a small town not far from home today when I noticed a mobile offering Diabetes assessments.
I am not diabetic but 9 years ago I had Gestational Diabetes and had to inject myself with insulin twice a day for the last 3 months of my pregnancy.
After my son was born it disappeared but I was warned I would be of increased risk of developing diabetes in later life.

I approached one of the health workers, its was free and not the Embarrassing Bodies so I felt comfortable as I walked into the marquee.
Once inside I spoke to 2 members of staff. I completed the consent forms then had my height, weight, BMI and waist measured.
Height – 168cm
Weight – 95.6kg
Waist – 44
BMI – 33.9
As a result I found out that I have a 1:14 chance of developing diabetes.

Oh joy. I now have a letter for my GP to be monitored and have bloods done for Random Blood Sugars and lots of leaflets for DIABETES UK to read.

My weightloss surgery and the weight I have lost surely has made a difference here. But with a strong family history (my dad) and the ethnicity factor (black or south asian) along with my age, weight, expanding waistline I just need to make sure everything is ok.
I have a few WLS friends who have found their diabetes disappeared once their weight shifted post op. Amazing!

Will discuss with the Practice Nurse next time I attend.

Mitzi x


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Joined The Gym!!

In a few weeks from now it will be a year since I last attended my weekly Zumba class or attended AquaTone.

Actually writing that sentence above fills me with great sadness…

Post weight loss surgery exercise was a fundemental driving force for improving my overall fitness. I was focussed and committed as I continued to lose those pounds and as a result I felt GRREAT!!

However, Zumba stopped for the summer holiday. I tried a session elsewhere and didnt like it. I was use to my Zumba teacher, loved the music, her style, the way she kept us motivated with her smile and cracking sense of humour. I decided to wait until September for her return but as you guessed it.. I never went back.

So here I am. I have joined Completed my induction with one of the trainers this week and boy I really struggled :-(.

My plan is to build up my level of fitness and kick start my weight loss. They offer a vast number of studio classes including Zumba and there is an extensive variety of exercise equipment to chose from. Most importantly they open 24/7 so I can fit exercise into any part of my busy life style. I have booked myself in to start a 6 week programme called PureLoser, it starts on the 30th July.

So here it goes….

“I can do this!”

Mitzi x


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Sunday Morning Fun

Its been a while since I blogged and equally been a while since I weighed myself.

For the last few months folks have been complimenting me on how much weight I am continuing to lose… errrrrr nope cause my clothes are getting tighter!!

Saturday I bit the bullit and jumped on the scales.
Weight Gain City.
I have put on 14lb over a period of 6 months!!!

Fucked Off!!

Sunday morning woke early and joined my partner and son at the park. The weather was absolutely beautiful.


He roller skated, my son scootered and I put on my shades, put my earplugs in, grabbed my water and mentally prepared myself to walk around this park a few times with Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox keeping me company :-).

I did a few stretches and started off pretty slowly, my joints took a while to limber up but before I knew it I was in a lovely brisk pace and I knew I was pushing myself because I got a sweat on.

What kept me going was my son checking in on me from time to time and the number of other walkers and joggers that passed me by and smiled or said morning as we did our chosen routes.
90 minutes later it was time to stop for a drink. I had a much deserved cuppa tea at the Tea Room, then it was time to head home.


On exiting the park I saw a sign that made me realise that what I did was a great step forward.


A changing point. This time last year I did Zumba twice a week and Aquatone. I stopped everything in September 2011 and not done a thing since… I feel ashamed….
I love the feel good factor from exercise, the release of natural endorphines you just cant beat.

Sunday 27th May
I walked 15,683 steps/6.68 miles

I really need to do this more.. Same time next week 🙂

Mitzi x


Mitzi’s Cheesey Favourite!


Mitzi’s Fritata

Wednesday was one of those days when I needed to use up a lot of the fresh gear in the fridge, so I knocked up a Fritata.

Not made one in a while and I have spent this week off work enjoying cooking and consuming more natural sources of protein.

So – what was in the mix?

4 eggs
4 rashers of smoked middle bacon
Cracked black pepper mature  cheddar cheese 100g – grated
5 spring onions
1/2 green pepper
3 mushrooms
4 vine ripe tomatoes
Single cream – 100ml
Clove of garlic – crushed
Salt & Pepper

– The oven was warmed at 180
– The bacon was baked on greaseproof paper
– All the eggs beaten and mixed with the cream (season)
– All the veggies were washed and chopped as desired
– x1 spray of olive oil and I lightly softened the the onions and garlic in the wox, added the mushroom then peppers
– quickly transferred to an oven dish and added the bacon now rindless and chopped
– sprinkled on the grated cheese
– poured on the egg mixture
– delicately placed the tomatoes into the mixture

Slammed it in the oven for about 60 mins until it was firm on the top and golden.

Once cooled I cut it into portions and had one for lunch with a green salad and froze the rest.

Deliciously cheesey lunch that also makes a great breakfast or high protein snack!

Will put my pinny away now, don’t want to over do it :-)))

Mitzi x x

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Happy in My Own Skin?????

If a group of us sat and took time to look at this picture, and I mean really looked at this picture, we would all see different things…

So go on…

Give it a try right now…

Tell me what you see?

I am sure if you look long enough some of you may think it tells a story, some may find it triggers a distant memory .. and for some of you its just a picture right? What ever you see, its personal to you, its your vision, how you see it, no one elses.

So, each day following weight loss surgery is much of a muchness. I see the same people Monday-Friday more or less which does not present a problem. However, I find I am more nervous of meeting the ones I dont see that often. All sorts go through my head before, during and after we meet. What are they going to think? What are they going to say? What are they thinking now? Do they think I’ve changed?

This week I met up with a friend I have not seen for about 6 months. It was lovely to catch up but also a little nerve racking – FriendsWithBenefits* and boy did I need those benefits.

We had a lovely evening, went for a walk, enjoyed a meal and live music and headed back to the hotel quite late. Gulp! Thats when panic set in. I wanted to have a bath and go to bed and in order for me to do that I actually needed to get undressed…

I even made the point of buying myself a pair of new full length PJ’s to wear complete with hoodie. I did not want him to see me. The lbs are melting away but where the blubber has gone the skin remains, just hanging, you know, chilling out around my belly, arms, inner thighs, buttocks, chin – just waiting for my Lottery Numbers to come up and for me to go running off to the nearest ‘fully trained, reputable, registered and ever so competent, experienced plastic surgeon’.                    I wont even go there with the tits… I can now fold them like a Tortilla wrap and stuff them into my bra!!!

In Setember 2010 I fit the skin I was in, actually, let me rephrase that – I outsretched it just a little bit LOL ..

But now….

Anyway, things were going well, I had a lovely soak in the bath, got myself all cosey in bed trying to look all sultry and seductive drinking a cuppa tea.

Things started to warm up when he said those words  ‘get on top’

I could of died…

I refused!

Bless him, he didnt insist, he never would and I never raised it with him afterwards. We normally talk about everything… but I just pushed this under the carpet.

Because my weight loss surgery was ‘open’ my scar starts from my breast bone and ends at my belly button. Over the last 16 months it has become more and more keloid in its appearance. My abdomen has more stretch mark  tram lines than a map of not just England, but the entire UK!

As I type, all the emotions come back. The brick walls I seem to be continually putting up are getting higher and higher. When I was heavier I was aware I was too big, and hated who was looking back at me in the mirror. Here I am at 16 months post op and I think I may actually be worse now than I was before… I know this is work in progress, and I am not saying I am not happy about the weight I have lost. Just wished that when I stand infront of the mirror in all my glory, I felt happier about what I saw; and maybe then, I wouldnt worry about what others see.

Happy in my own skin???

Think you know the answer to that one 🙂

Mitzi x


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In a bad place…

It’s been a while since I have blogged myself, but have been trying my best to keep up with what others have written.
Not been feeling it really…
Not for a long while….

Not been feeling myself at all. Work. Family life. Personal issues and the ongoing matrimonial breakdown continues.

Since the new year, this wonderful year, I have felt nothing but restraint and control.


I’m just gona ramble now.. cause that’s what I do best.

Old habits die hard..


Seek comfort in food – and not the healthy kind…

Once it starts.. I struggle to stop it.

I have in a month put on 7lb in weight, I have stopped tracking on myfitnesspal, my vitamintrain is Fucked, I am all spotty and the condition of my hair is piss poor.

Every week I plan, but never stick to it.

I lasted half a day on the 5 Day Pouch Test!!

I’m in a bad place…

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