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The initial consultation – Divorce

So nervous I arrived 15 minutes early. My solicitor had not come into the office yet for the day so I was showed to a small empty office to wait. I felt physically sick with anxiety.
I waited for what felt like a decade until 10.30 arrived.

She was younger than I remembered, but remained pleasant, very clear and direct. She discussed my case with me, we talked about how things have been over the last year, discussed my options and suggested plan then she printed some paperwork for me to read in the meantime.

She advised that I wait for her letters to summarize our discussions. But basically the wheels are in motion to get my divorce.

‘Unreasonable behaviour’

I kinda felt strange when I left. I felt like I had betrayed him… When you marry you marry for life. But when the man you were so inlove with for years and years suddenly becomes the man you cant bare to be in the same room with. Some things gotta give. 
I have left it long enough as it is!

Mitzi x

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