07 Aug

Tuesday 6th August 2012

Walking through a small town not far from home today when I noticed a mobile offering Diabetes assessments.
I am not diabetic but 9 years ago I had Gestational Diabetes and had to inject myself with insulin twice a day for the last 3 months of my pregnancy.
After my son was born it disappeared but I was warned I would be of increased risk of developing diabetes in later life.

I approached one of the health workers, its was free and not the Embarrassing Bodies so I felt comfortable as I walked into the marquee.
Once inside I spoke to 2 members of staff. I completed the consent forms then had my height, weight, BMI and waist measured.
Height – 168cm
Weight – 95.6kg
Waist – 44
BMI – 33.9
As a result I found out that I have a 1:14 chance of developing diabetes.

Oh joy. I now have a letter for my GP to be monitored and have bloods done for Random Blood Sugars and lots of leaflets for DIABETES UK to read.

My weightloss surgery and the weight I have lost surely has made a difference here. But with a strong family history (my dad) and the ethnicity factor (black or south asian) along with my age, weight, expanding waistline I just need to make sure everything is ok.
I have a few WLS friends who have found their diabetes disappeared once their weight shifted post op. Amazing!

Will discuss with the Practice Nurse next time I attend.

Mitzi x


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