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Bristol Harbour Festival 2012

I went to this festival for the very first time last year and had a really enjoyable time, so a return visit was inevitable. I had booked the hotel and train so far in advance, it was nice to have something to look forward to.
Sunday 22nd July was the final day of the party and I was ready for it.

My journey down was pleasant – Music/Twitter/Freud passed the time as I pulled into Bristol Temple Mead station ahead of schedule I must add.

The south west welcomed me with open arms. The weather was all we could ask for after all the rain and floods the country has experienced the last few months.

After a few misguided turns we arrived at the Novotel Hotel. So we dropped off our luggage and headed out to see what Bristol had to offer.

The sun kissed some and burnt others as we made our way through cobbled streets to the harbour area. The seagulls taunted me with their sqwauks, screeches and huge flapping wings…. Shivers…

We hit Queen Square and it was buzzin – a huge stage was erected at the front and a band was doing a set. People sat on the grass enjoying the weather having picnics and enjoying a few beers.



The lure of the food stalls reminded me I had a very light breakfast that morning, it had gone 1pm and I had not had lunch. There was so much to choose from but we decided on the sausage stall. We each had a HUGE spicey chilli twisty sausage in ciabatta smothered with an onion relish and mayonaise. Not realising quite how big this beast of a sausage was going to be – not until it was handed to me.
It was undeniably delicious, but I couldnt eat it all for obvious reasons. Friends with big appetites come in handy – No Waste! 🙂

There were so many foodie stores – whatever you wanted you could get. The choice of locally produced fresh fruit and vegetables was endless, cooked foods from noodles, curries, paella, caribbean, hog roasts, burgers, veggie, cakes, biscuits, breads, pastries, olives to name but a few. But by far my favourite that we came across was the Italian Chocolate stall. We did walk past… But I just had to go back.



I just couldnt leave without buying something.. No will power you see… I didnt need much persauding and he didnt exactly talk me out of it. After a moment of oh I’ll have this one, but I like that one we were given the box and tongs and soon a huge slice of Amaretti was in the box and paid for. We had a nibble later back at the hotel and it tasted out of this world. Thank you
Amazing chocolate and noughat by “Italian Treat Store”

We made our way down to the harbour side and had a pit stop at a cafe bar called Arnolfini Cafè Bar for a drink. I had home made Ginger Beer and my partner in crime a pint of Dawkins :-).

All rested and hydrated we walked over the bridge to Bristol M Shed and had a look at Bristol’s history.
It was from the terrace roof that I took the picture of The Matthew ss it sailed past – isnt it superb?

We walked along the harbourside as far as we could go along the river Severn then caught the choo chooo steam train back, priced at £1 the breeze was cool and whistled through the gaurds van as we went along the trax.

Time was getting on. We had planned to go see The Dark Knight at Cinema de Lux so walked back to the hotel to safely secure the very valuable purchase of the day ‘Chocolate’ had a short rest, freshened up and made our way up to Cabot Circus. We had a nice meal and the waitress was lovely at Coal Grill and Bar where I spent so much time talking rather than eating we missed our 7pm showing :-). What did we eat… I cant remember… Time to text a friend.. And I quote

“You had Piri-Piri chicken , I had minute steak with garlic butter. Jug of water with ice and quarters of lemon and lime. We sat inside, your back to the cellar door. As Maurice Chevalier sang, I remember it well”
End quote lol.

We eventually got to see the 8pm show and resurfaced at 11pm!! To this day I have no idea what went on in that film (not a fan) but the popcorn was good :-).

We missed our 2 for 1 cocktails at Coal 😦 so headed off to the hotel through the now dark streets of Bristol for our nightcap and further analysis of the film that left me in a trance :-). Walking along Victoria Street I was whisked into a pub that was literally a stones throw from our hotel and still open as we drew up to midnite. It was neither big, nor ultra modern, just stood still in time – The Kings Head…. what a find.



I unwinded in the cosy surroundings with my brandy. It reminded me of some of the pubs locally that have kept their traditional decor The Black Eagel, Hockley the Crocked House, Himley.
I had to take a photo. The ladies loo had the old styled water tank with the chain you have to pull to flush. Not seen one of those since 1970’s at least and the Landlord said he had 17 year olds in earlier that day that didnt know how to work it hahahaa. Clsssic.

I know…
Toilet pictures…
Thats just how sad I am lol 🙂

So how does it all end? Brunch at Temple Quay and a game of Table Tennis before getting my train.

Over 300,000 people visited over the weekend and I was a very small part of that having a magnificant time.
Bristol Harbour Festival

Until next time Bristol.

Mitzi x

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Joined The Gym!!

In a few weeks from now it will be a year since I last attended my weekly Zumba class or attended AquaTone.

Actually writing that sentence above fills me with great sadness…

Post weight loss surgery exercise was a fundemental driving force for improving my overall fitness. I was focussed and committed as I continued to lose those pounds and as a result I felt GRREAT!!

However, Zumba stopped for the summer holiday. I tried a session elsewhere and didnt like it. I was use to my Zumba teacher, loved the music, her style, the way she kept us motivated with her smile and cracking sense of humour. I decided to wait until September for her return but as you guessed it.. I never went back.

So here I am. I have joined Completed my induction with one of the trainers this week and boy I really struggled :-(.

My plan is to build up my level of fitness and kick start my weight loss. They offer a vast number of studio classes including Zumba and there is an extensive variety of exercise equipment to chose from. Most importantly they open 24/7 so I can fit exercise into any part of my busy life style. I have booked myself in to start a 6 week programme called PureLoser, it starts on the 30th July.

So here it goes….

“I can do this!”

Mitzi x


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Body Massage and Reiki

Who would of thought that Friday 13th would of been such a great day.
I have been experiencing alot of stress lately and decided to make some positive changes to remove my self from the latest pressures.

Whilst looking at my phone one day I came across an OFFER – Full Body Massage and Reiki treatment and I thought, what the hell.. Lets go for it. 
It has been a few years since I last had a massage so I was really looking forward to it.

The Reiki however was a completely new experience for me.

So – what is Reiki?

Reiki is a technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing, allowing everyone to tap into an unlimited supply of ‘life energy’.  Reiki is thought to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago.  Reiki was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist early in the 20th Century.

I had a 60 minute treatment booked at and recieved a very warm welcome when I arrived :-). Once in the consulting room a medical history had to be taken to ensure their were no contraindications. The therapist explained how the session would work and the benefits and invited me to choose 3 essential oils of my choice. I chose Peppermint, Lavender and Ylang Ylang and the therapist made my massage blend from that – the personalised touch was great 🙂

My massage was out of this world, the music was relaxing, the environment was calming, the oils smelt devine and the massage was just what I needed.. bliss..

I was laying on my front on a special massage bed in my pants with my face down snug into that hole and I thought I was going to drool on the floor I was melting as she massaged my shoulders, neck, back, arms and legs. At mid point I turned over onto my back as instructed as she continued to massage my arms one by one, then my thighs, legs then my feet. I drifted.. and to my surprise woke myself up with a snore… LOL.

I was chilled… so relaxed…but it did not stop there..

The Reiki started from my head, my eyes were closed… but I felt her hands rest on my head, then my brow, then my face, temples.. it felt warm, but not uncomfortable, slowly she moved down my body but I was not aware of any touch this time as I continued to relaxe. I was in my own zone, my special place..

 All I remember after that is a soft voice gently waking me up but encouraging me to stay and rest… and when I was ready to get up and get dressed… I opened my eyes to acknowledge what she said then closed them again ZzZZzzzz   🙂

Will I go back again??? Thats a given!

Mitzi x x



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Year 1 – I Made It!!

If I had balls I surely would of busted them over the last 4 weeks. Busting ya flaps doesnt really have quite the same ring to it!!

I have been trying to complete my coursework for year 1 since like forever, was given an extension but it still took forever.

I dont do things by halves. Working full time, raising 2 kids and living with a dick head has its challenges. The work life balance thing I just cant work out cause my life is my kids (I love them more than cake!)
Did I just say that??  Those of you that know me personally would know I would wrestle any man to the ground for cake. But a mothers love for her children is ALL POWERFUL ♥ 🙂

But anyway, as I was saying, I wrote war and peace. My final assignment and 3 case studies on clients all totalling up to just under 10,000 words! I was busy printing trees Saturday morning to get the damn thing posted for my final deadline.

The post office closes at 12.30 on saturdays and at 12.00 I was still in the house aaaarrggghhhhhh.

I grabbed my purse and the parcel and yelled to the kids “Am goin da post office let me back in!!!!
So I’m running right.. And again if ya know me personally you will know I dont do running. And as I was running it dawned on me Mitz No Bra!!  FFS I hope I dont see anyone I know…. :-/
My running became a power walk as I held the huge package of trees across my runaway breasts as I dodged cars on the dual carriageway. I made it and impatiently waited my turn in the que when eeeekkkk I only sealed the package when I needed to pay the postage on the SAE inside.
I felt nauseous…
If I could of gone pale I would of done…

I must of looked close to tears as Sam took the pack from me and asked me if I was ok.. So I told him what I had done and he ever so carefully opened the envelope and was able to put the special delivery postage on both packages – all was well again.
When he said “is there anything else I can get you?”
I looked up at him and said. …  “SWEETS!”

So, its posted. Should be there Monday. Just 3-4 months to wait for it to be marked and I find out how I did. So send good vibes people. In the meantime, best crack on with all this Year 2 work.

Be good

Mitzi ♥ x

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