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Sunday Morning Fun

Its been a while since I blogged and equally been a while since I weighed myself.

For the last few months folks have been complimenting me on how much weight I am continuing to lose… errrrrr nope cause my clothes are getting tighter!!

Saturday I bit the bullit and jumped on the scales.
Weight Gain City.
I have put on 14lb over a period of 6 months!!!

Fucked Off!!

Sunday morning woke early and joined my partner and son at the park. The weather was absolutely beautiful.


He roller skated, my son scootered and I put on my shades, put my earplugs in, grabbed my water and mentally prepared myself to walk around this park a few times with Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox keeping me company :-).

I did a few stretches and started off pretty slowly, my joints took a while to limber up but before I knew it I was in a lovely brisk pace and I knew I was pushing myself because I got a sweat on.

What kept me going was my son checking in on me from time to time and the number of other walkers and joggers that passed me by and smiled or said morning as we did our chosen routes.
90 minutes later it was time to stop for a drink. I had a much deserved cuppa tea at the Tea Room, then it was time to head home.


On exiting the park I saw a sign that made me realise that what I did was a great step forward.


A changing point. This time last year I did Zumba twice a week and Aquatone. I stopped everything in September 2011 and not done a thing since… I feel ashamed….
I love the feel good factor from exercise, the release of natural endorphines you just cant beat.

Sunday 27th May
I walked 15,683 steps/6.68 miles

I really need to do this more.. Same time next week 🙂

Mitzi x

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