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Female version of the Lords Prayer

Do not read of easily offended.

Posted without prejudice.


My Vibrator

Which Brings Me Heaven

Rabbit Be Thy Name

You Make Me Cum

You Bring Such Fun

On Earth

Or Is It Heaven?

Give Me This Day My Daily Thrill

And Forgive Me My Screams As I Forgive Those Who Sold Me Dud Batteries!

Lead Me Straight Into Temptation

Deliver Me From Frustration!

For Thine Is The Vibration

The Power And Rotation!

For Ever And Ever


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Mitzi’s Cheesey Favourite!


Mitzi’s Fritata

Wednesday was one of those days when I needed to use up a lot of the fresh gear in the fridge, so I knocked up a Fritata.

Not made one in a while and I have spent this week off work enjoying cooking and consuming more natural sources of protein.

So – what was in the mix?

4 eggs
4 rashers of smoked middle bacon
Cracked black pepper matureĀ  cheddar cheese 100g – grated
5 spring onions
1/2 green pepper
3 mushrooms
4 vine ripe tomatoes
Single cream – 100ml
Clove of garlic – crushed
Salt & Pepper

– The oven was warmed at 180
– The bacon was baked on greaseproof paper
– All the eggs beaten and mixed with the cream (season)
– All the veggies were washed and chopped as desired
– x1 spray of olive oil and I lightly softened the the onions and garlic in the wox, added the mushroom then peppers
– quickly transferred to an oven dish and added the bacon now rindless and chopped
– sprinkled on the grated cheese
– poured on the egg mixture
– delicately placed the tomatoes into the mixture

Slammed it in the oven for about 60 mins until it was firm on the top and golden.

Once cooled I cut it into portions and had one for lunch with a green salad and froze the rest.

Deliciously cheesey lunch that also makes a great breakfast or high protein snack!

Will put my pinny away now, don’t want to over do it :-)))

Mitzi x x

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