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Its been a crazy few weeks for me. I really have no idea whether I am coming or going. Everything just seems to be a complete mess, my nerves are on edge, I am close to tears one moment, angry the next, and barely able to crack a smile.

I get these moments from time to time. My GP told me the other week that I am in control of all these feelings and I need to work harder at visualising and experiencing  positive feelings. He suggested that I  surround my self with positive family and friends.

When I feel like this I just want to be alone.


Their out there, in various forms. The triggers have been plentiful and ‘snap’ I take the bait every time.

I have scoffed my way through every cupboard and biscuit tin at home and at work, indulged in far too many glasses of vino and brandy to get me through the difficult times. Puddings, dont get me started on puddings – but Sticky Toffee pudding with cream in a 5 star restaurant was way too good to miss – ‘dumped’.

Totally fallen off the wagon, and promised myself to cut down the carbs this week. Going to London the weekend to meet some friends for a night out which will involve an all nighter pub crawl, possibly a nightclub.

I am not looking forward to it, but feel I should be ok once I get on my way. I need this weekend. I need a break and the chance to bond with the girls. Miss them.

So.. will have this time away, and catch up with my friends, no doubt have a few heart to hearts and shed a few tears over a few jars. Hoping to head back next week with a bit of my mojo back to tackle these obstacles.


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My only reason

The stares
The glares
The tense atmosphere
The silence
The attitude
The ignorance
The anger
The calm before the storm
The shouting!!

In contrast.

The smiles
The warmth
Happy eyes looking up at me
The innocence
The hugs
The kisses
I missed you
Love you mum

My kids… my only reason

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Emotional Abuse in a marriage!

So this happens every time I am going away. I am going away on business with work from tomorrow morning until Friday.
He has known about this since June of this year when I received confirmation.

He confirmed he was off work 2 months ago, it is also on the calendar in the kitchen. I do the same conference every year, same time of year, its been an annual event for the last 6 years.

Tonight after dinner I reminded him I was away just to raise the conversation.

Since when??
Who you going there with???
Why are you going???
Where are you staying???

He asks the same questions to catch me out!

Then he starts be-littling my job role and generally continued to be negative about the whole point of the trip!!

I got up and left the room…..

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People I Love To Follow….

Hi All


From now on this will be my 2nd home after Twitter!

Follow me here and in return I would really really appreciate you email or WordPress user name so that I can send you invite and also follow you back.

Thank you so much

Chat soon

Mitzi x x


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The Great Stall – ‘Gotta shift some weight’

Well after not budging with the old weight loss for about 5 months I realised I had to stop sitting around waiting for it to happen and took the step to do something about it.

Yes – had to cut the demon carbs and decided to try the Atkins Diet!

Its day 6 of Induction on Phase One.

It has been Hell-On-Earth but I have been able to lose so far in weight… drum roll please …. 6lb!!

‘Go Mitzi!’ 😀

Has anyone else been experiencing the same issue?

How did you kick-start the weight loss??

Mitzi x


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Low Carb – What I ate the first few days

Just some of the things that kept me going this week.

I Ate a lot of meat and fish, aimed for 4-6oz of protein at each meal.
Breakfast was fish or eggs.
I made a cheese and vegetable frittata which froze well and took that to work alternate days with salad for lunch.
My evening meal consisted of roasted or grilled meat or fish with veg.
I had an Atkins bar mid morning and Chocolate shake before bed
I drank more than enough water, decaf herbals and decaf coffee through the day and spent most nights on the loo, which is a good thing as I am notoriously bad at drinking enough!
So… lets have a look
Salad Again!!

Theres iceberg hiding under there

Chuck Chuck Stir-fry

Realy enjoyed this 🙂

Roast Black Pepper Pork and Greens

I hate sprouts!!

'Scrotum and Chedder CheeseSnack'

Scrotum and Chedder Cheese

Fried Eggs and the rest

Fried Eggs and the rest

Tropical Green Tea

Tropical Green Tea

Chocci Shake :-)

My Daily Treat

Next week will be difficult as I am away on business for 3 days, but will work with this as the results are looking good

Mitzi 🙂 x x


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Change of scenary..


Decided a change is as good as a rest.. packing up and moving home in the world of Blogsville

More to follow, once I know what I’m doing 🙂

Have a great day

Mitzi x x


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